Women In Melania’s Home Country Criticize Her For Staying Silent After Husband’s Hateful Rhetoric

Slovenia is not happy with Mrs. Trump.

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Chances are you’ve noticed that Melania Trump is moreso a quiet little Trump drone that does and says whatever her husband has allowed her that day rather than even a semblance of a free-thinking adult human being with real opinions and feelings of her own. The majority of the time you see her, which isn’t often anymore, she has little more than a grim look painted on her face as she miserably stands in the foreground of whatever debacle her husband has going on at the time.

The only truly notable thing the First Lady has really done during her time at the White House thus far is launching her “Be Best” anti-cyberbullying campaign. And given her spouse’s less-than-admirable Twitter habits, that’s a joke. Otherwise, the woman seems only capable of parroting Donald’s hateful rhetoric of Birtherism and condoning his inhumane treatment of migrant children despite the fact that she’s an immigrant herself – and most likely a not exactly legal one, at that.

Evidently, Melania’s sycophant ways have ruffled the feathers of women activist in her home country of Slovenia and they’re letting her know about it.


According to a report from the Daily Beast, several women in Slovenia had high hopes that Melania would be a strong world voice from her new political platform and are more than disappointed in the fact that she’s turned out to be no more than a parrot mimicking her husband’s hatred.

Several Slovenians are also quite disheartened that the only contact Melania has had with the country that raised her in the last 15 years is a lawsuit threat against reporters who have published the unrefined details of her former life there.

A Slovenian women’s activist group, Femmes Sans Frontières (Women Without Borders), has extended an invitation to the First Lady to visit the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

Foreign investment adviser Cresnar Pregar stated, “She had more courage in her youth. I would inspire her to speak out for equality.” That would be a stark contrast to her husband Donald who is “spreading hatred in every Twitter post… We would also want her to be more engaged in freeing immigrants’ children from prisons, on global climate change issues. Otherwise, she’ll be remembered for her ‘Don’t Care’ jacket.”

Of course, so far, these attempts at communication have all gone unanswered by America’s porn star turned First Lady.

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