With More Than 100k Dead From Pandemic, Trump Called Into PGA Broadcast: “I’m Getting A Little Tired Of Watching 10-Year-Old Golf Tournaments”

I couldn't hate him ANY more than I do.

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Just in case you needed any more proof at all that Donald Trump was an unthinking, unfeeling pile of trash, he swooped in during a sporting event to clear up any confusion: He absolutely is.

What’s the latest example? The president called into a live NBC broadcast of a golf tournament being held to raise funds for coronavirus relief efforts completely unannounced, and in the midst of a global pandemic that’s crept quickly past 100,000 deaths here in the United States, proceeded to complain to the host on the phone about having had to watch reruns of golf tournaments of which he already knew the outcome.

Yes, the President of the United States — clearly lacking anything at all better to do — phoned in and spoke with NBC’s Mike Tirico about how inconvenienced he has been by the fact that the PGA has canceled or postponed so many events due to the pandemic.


I’m getting a little tired of watching 10-year-old golf tournaments where you know who won.”

You’ll pardon me, Mr. President, while I fetch my tiny violin.

It actually comes as a bit of a shock to see that Trump isn’t a fan of reruns, considering how many times he’s brought up the size of his inauguration, or his repeatedly debunked lie that Mexico was going to pay for the wall he wanted to build along the southern border. Trump repeats himself so much he’s like a pull-string doll with a dozen phrases, the anti-Woody — I half expect him to say “I have the biggest snake in my boot anyone’s ever seen!”

But that’s cool, Donald. You keep watching golf, enjoy the new stuff, give them another 10-minute call. We all know how badly you want things to go back to normal despite the fact that we’re nowhere near normal in terms of new infections, the economy, or anything ever being the same again literally ever.

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