William Barr Seems To Be Going After Trump’s Enemies One At A Time

Trump's attack dog is relentless.

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Once we saw Attorney General and “Igor” to Trump’s Dr. Frankenstein William Barr open an investigation into the Russia investigation, we knew that he didn’t work for the United States of America — he worked for Donald Trump. We knew it was going to move forward that way, too, with Barr obstructing justice on behalf of the President, deliberately misinterpreting laws for him, making exceptions, shielding him from questions, and most of all, helping Trump cover up crimes.

It was a no-brainer. Once he was a little corrupt, we knew it would blossom into a Venus Flytrap for truth and justice.

Now it turns out he’s made Trump so happy that he’s been put in charge of just eliminating the President’s enemies and those who annoy or remind him of his crimes.


Barr has now gone after former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former CIA Director John Brennan, and even former 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton, all with only more accusations to show for it. All have been cleared, of course, of any wrongdoing, but the appearance of an investigation has been enough to please the President, and so he keeps his hunting hound Barr on a long leash.

Today’s target, however, is former FBI Director James Comey, now subject to Barr’s second investigation of him. The charges this time are that Comey leaked to the media a dubious Russian document back in 2017 that the bureau had picked up the year before which claimed that former AG Loretta Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign she wasn’t going to have the FBI investigate her email scandal extensively.

That document could — and likely was — all part of the Russian disinformation scheme that took place in every corner of media and social media during the 2016 campaign. But it was enough to make Comey worry about the appearance of favoritism, and was the likely reason that he personally announced the reopened investigation in October that probably cost Clinton the election.

Here comes the obvious question: Why would Barr investigate something that benefited Donald Trump?

Simply put, because Trump fired Comey, and anything that paints Comey in a positive light — in this case, his defense of having been duped by Russian propaganda into announcing the investigation that derailed the Clinton campaign — puts Trump in a negative light.

And honestly, if Trump thought you said his hair was silly, he’d probably have you investigated, so long as you hold a place in government.

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