White House Social Media Director Says Twitter Is “Full Of Sh*t”

Yes, because Trump won't stop tweeting.

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It’s been a difficult day so far in the news cycle, and although I won’t ask for your pity — I chose this life, and I understand I am attending the Trump Circus™ daily — I will ask you to understand that when Trump has a meltdown, there are a hundred different angles and stories and perspectives that we have to choose from to present it to you.

Do we depict him as angry? Scared? Frustrated? It’s an eternal rotisserie with Trump turning on the spit, us choosing the side to turn toward the flame.

But this is a perspective you may not often consider because it almost seems like pre-forgiveness for the president’s antics. It’s not, I promise, because at the end of the day Trump is still responsible for every single thing he does and says — but it is important to bear this in mind: His handlers keep him stupid.


Sure, at first it was just a reaction to Trump’s irritation with anyone who deigned to correct him, his outbursts at anyone who thought they could even try to change his mind. But spend any time at all with a narcissist like Trump and you’ll find that it quickly turns from shielding yourself from his wrath into crafting your statements in advance so that he will agree with them.

How did Trump make it all the way to Twitter this morning still believing that he had authority over the National Guard? They answer to state governors. Surely an advisor must have apprised him of it, right? No. They told him he could do it so that he would tweet what he did. And Twitter is the absolute maximum extension of his ego.

That makes his social media guy, Dan Scavino, one of the central manipulators of Trump’s narcissism. So when Scavino tweeted today that Twitter was “full of shit” for censoring — but not deleting, as they do with others — one of Trump’s tweets that violated the rules of the site, he was doing so for an audience of one: Donald Trump.

And honestly, the point of tweeting such a thing is to cement it in Trump’s head, because as long as they stay on the offensive in uncharted territory like “regulating social media content,” they can keep trying to write the rules as they go along.

Of COURSE it’s not true — Twitter has been carving out exceptions for Trump that no other user has ever enjoyed for years. But if Dan can keep making Trump believe that he’s the victim here, it suits their campaign strategy just fine.

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