White House Seemingly Admits That Trump Has Hurt The Economy

The truth always comes out in the end.

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Donald Trump has been touting the idea that his economic policies saved this nation from the very brink of despair pretty much since day one, before he’d ever even had the chance to make, and effectively screw up, his own economy to start with.

He has a terrible tendency to bank on the successes of the administration that came before him, without a sliver of due credit of course, and then continue to implement harmful tariffs, tax cuts that are only helpful to the 1 percent, and vicious threats to various countries around the world — all of which are enormously harmful to the country — in secret hopes that Obama’s prosperity will continue to pull him through.

Trump, like most everything else he tries to paint in his own favor, likes to cite false numbers and reports to back up his ridiculous claims of favorable results from his various economic stunts. However, Donald’s lies are quickly beginning to close in on him as a new report from Bloomberg reveals that Trump’s very own chief economist has now confirmed what dozens of experts outside the MAGA White House have known for some time now — Donald Trump is destroying the American economy.


“Uncertainty generated by trade negotiations dampened investment,” Donald’s own chief economist, Tomas Philipson, asserted.

Today saw the release of the 435-page annual Economic Report of the President, but the document unsurprisingly only heaped illegitimate praises upon Trump, while never actually touching on the numerous negative impacts this nation has seen and been subjected to first-hand as a result of scattered, hair-brained, and useless policies.

Philipson, while refusing to get into the nitty-gritty details of those negative impacts, did dare to break from his administration during a press briefing and admit that Trump’s policies and their effects on the US economy weren’t nearly as victorious as the report would lead you to believe.

“Uncertainty about trade policy is one often-cited culprit in the manu­facturing slowdown,” the report explains. “However, other reasons for the global manufacturing slowdown also preceded, or were contemporaneous with trade. These reasons make it difficult to isolate the effects of trade policy uncertainty, and possibly result in an upward bias of its effects on the global economy.”

At this point, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to wake up tomorrow morning to the news that Tomas Philipson is suddenly out of a job, as Trump doesn’t typically take well to his “people” revealing to the public that he’s a damn liar. But no matter how many people Donald fires with his old, handy dandy Apprentice catchphrase, it will never change the fact that he’s just that… A damn liar.

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