White House Reporter Who Has Covered Trump Since Day 1 Says In Yesterday’s Presser He Saw “A Man With Low Energy, Befuddled And Lumbering. Put A Fork In Him, He’s Done”

Did Biden's announcement of Harris as his running mate break Trump?

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Donald Trump delivered yet another rambling press briefing full of questions about his reaction to Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate, only this time Trump appeared to be flat and confused throughout.

Trump has repeatedly attacking opponents as “low energy” going back to the Republican primary race in 2016. But the shoe was on his foot this time around as he desperately tried to attack Harris and pretend that he’s doing a great job handling the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 160,000 Americans.

It was the usual talking points for sure, especially when he targeted Democratic-led cities over protests against racial injustice.


But not even that was enough to pep Trump up, resulting in an observation from Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem, who has had a couple of run-ins with Trump himself over the years.

Karem characterized Trump’s performance as “low energy,” going on to describe Trump as “befuddled” and “incoherent” before predicting that Trump is finished.

Indeed, Trump appears to be depressed in the wake of learning with the rest of the nation that Harris is Biden’s pick for vice president. The move sparked excitement among Democrats. And as Trump is already losing in the polls, the last thing he needed was for Democrats to be even more energized. Trump is also likely terrified because he could face prosecution if he loses.

Many Twitter users agreed with Karem’s assessment.

With Harris on the Democratic ticket, Trump’s re-election woes are only going to get worse. Harris appeals directly to women and people of color, two voting groups Trump is losing badly with right now. Trump also has cause to worry about Mike Pence since Harris is a skilled debater who will not hold back. As the stress of the office and the campaign pile up, we should expect Trump to become even more erratic and unstable. At some point, he will break and the American people will be watching when he does.

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