White House Insider Claims Pence Would Support 25th Amendment Removal Of Trump From Office

Pence isn't near the friend Donald thinks he is!

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As badly as Donald Trump really wants the world to believe that they are, things are far from all sunshine and roses inside the White House of number 45.

We’ve known for some time now that Trump struggles to get along with his aides and employees, often leaving him with a near-constantly depleted staff. And even of the few that have managed to stick it out, several feature the term “Acting” tacked to the beginning of their job title, as Donald can’t seem to find someone he likes enough to give them a permanent position.

And his relationship woes aren’t just limited to his staff either. Social media reports have been swimming for some time now that indicate there are more than a few issues between Donald and Melania, as well — with some even speculating that the First Lady has moved into her parent’s home with her young son, Barron.


But thanks to a bombshell revelation from an anonymous White House official who is penning the book A Warning, we now know that Donald can’t even trust his biggest ally, his right-hand man, Vice President Mike Pence.

Huffington Post has reported on a section of the tell-all book revealing that several high-level aides are certain that, should he get the opportunity, Pence would undoubtedly support removing Trump from the office of president through the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, based off his mental capacity.

The unnamed author of the book, who also penned an anonymous essay for the New York Times told of how dysfunctional Trump’s White House truly is and went on to explain that White House officials had conducted an informal tally of Cabinet members to determine who would support signing a letter invoking the 25th Amendment against Donald, deeming him incapacitated and replacing him with the VP.

According to the source, White House aides had not a shadow of a doubt in their mind that Pence would support the procedure.

The Constitution explains that the letter would have to have the signatures of the majority of Cabinet members before it was delivered to the Vice President for their signature, and then passed to Congress for final approval.

Excerpts of the book were provided to the Huffington Post from an anonymous source under the condition that no direct quotes be used ahead of the book’s publication on November 19th.

There’s really no way to know whether Pence’s support stems from a true concern regarding Trump’s mental capacity and its effect on this nation or if he just really wants to be president himself. But either way, it’s looking like Pence is itching to get Donald out.

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