White House Aides Reportedly Were Unable To Contact Trump To Get Him To Delete “White Power” Tweet Because He Was Golfing And Had Put His Phone Down

I'm honestly not a bit surprised.

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Please excuse my French, but Donald Trump has really shit the bed lately.

The man is absolutely desperate to prove to the world that, despite the fact that virtually every reputable poll from coast to coast shows him bringing home an embarrassing loss in November’s election against Joe Biden, he’s still as beloved and revered as ever with more than enough rabid supporters to pull him through with a win, polls be damned.

In his frenzied effort to do so, Trump has become even more reckless than before with his social media habits. That, or he just doesn’t give a damn if people see his racism on full public display at this point. Because one of his most recent attempts to prove that this nation still loves him came in the form of retweeting a video of Trump supporters clashing with protesters — one of whom could clearly be heard screaming “White power!” as they drove by the demonstrators in their golf cart.


Eventually, of course, the offending video was taken down from Trump’s social media page and the influx of ridiculous excuses from him and his people promptly started to flow in — with the unanimous excuse being that Donald simply “didn’t hear” the blatantly racist phrase that was screamed out in the video.

White House spokesperson Judd Deere said in a statement that Trump “did not hear the one statement made on the video” but what he “did see was tremendous enthusiasm from his many supporters.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s current press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, was quick to follow suit with the agreed-upon excuse during her presser.

However, according to a new report from NBC News several White House aides were scrambling to get ahold of Trump on Sunday after he posted the offending tweet, on to be met with silence from the president who was living it up on the links.

Two different White House officials told NBC that they attempted numerous times to get in touch with Trump in an effort to get the video taken down from his Twitter account. However, the president was apparently ignoring his phone during his golf game, as it took hours for anyone to reach him.

The report goes on to note that officials allegedly attempted to contact deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, thinking that perhaps he could get Trump’s attention. But they had no luck contacting him either.

It was around 3 hours in total that the offending, racist video was live on Trump’s Twitter feed before White House aides were finally able to reach the president and get him to agree to delete it.

Let this serve as yet another indicator that, in the end, pretty much nothing is more important to Donald Trump than his golf game.

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