WH Doctor Who Laughably Claimed Trump Is In “Perfect Health” Claims Joe Biden Has Dementia

Nobody should take this guy seriously after he declared Trump in "perfect" health.

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Former White House physician Ronny Jackson once called President Donald Trump’s cognitive health “perfect,” yet he is now claiming that former Vice President Joe Biden may have dementia as he desperately tries to win a House seat in Texas.

Early in 2018, Jackson held a press conference and claimed in front of a watching nation that Trump passed his mental health tests with flying colors despite Trump’s troubling behavior and mental slip-ups.

Trump then nominated Jackson to become Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, calling his description of Trump’s health into question because it looked like Trump was rewarding Jackson for telling the nation what he wanted him to say instead of the truth.


But Jackson is now running for Congress, and when he isn’t bragging to everyone that he knows Trump, he’s attacking Trump’s political rivals. Earlier this week, he took a cheap shot at Biden, who has had more than his fair share of slip-ups and gaffes on the campaign trail.

Writing on Twitter, Jackson once again claimed that Trump “aced” his cognitive test and called for Biden to be tested, suggesting that Biden has dementia.

Needless to say, Twitter users mocked Jackson and his examination of Trump.

Even forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee called out Jackson.

Frankly, any candidate running for president should be tested to make sure their cognitive health is in good order. But Jackson’s examination of Trump was a joke, proving that he’s not a very good doctor, let alone a good candidate for Congress.

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