Watch Trump Tell French Reporter: “Well Maybe We Have A Better President Than You” After She Asks POTUS About Low Unemployment In US

I don't think that's it.

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Donald Trump has left a lot to be desired when it comes to forging decent relationships between the United States and virtually any other country in the world, save Russia and now Turkey.

He’s rude and disrespectful, and now thanks to his recent decision to blatantly and completely turn his back on one of our closest allies, the Kurds, I can’t imagine that any other nation is chomping at the bit to be his friend.

But honestly, Trump’s fellow world leaders haven’t been fond of him for some time now. Even at the most recent G7 Summit, Trump certainly wasn’t the most popular fellow there — with many of his fellow world leaders admitting to some serious trepidation when it came to being stuck with Trump for an entire long weekend, and the European council president straight called his ass out, rather publicly at that, for attempting to have Russia reinstated at the gathering.


And now they all get to look forward to spending the next Summit at Trump’s skanky, bedbug-infested Doral resort in Florida because apparently emoluments being okay is a thing now.

However, Trump doesn’t seem to be holding back any shots towards one of his least favorite fellow world leaders even though the annual gathering is still far away.

During a visit to the new Louis Vuitton factory in Alvarado, Texas yesterday, Trump took a rather cheap shot at French president Emmanuel Macron — who he’s been known to have some trouble with in the past.

During his visit, Donald was questioned by a french reporter as to what his “recipe” is for such low unemployment rates in the US.

“You have very low unemployment rates in the US and we have a very high unemployment rate in France,” the reporter stated to Trump. “How come? What’s the recipe for…?”

“Well maybe we have a better president than you do,” Trump replied with a smug look of his face before walking away from the individual.

Dude… That’s not it. We can pretty much guarantee that.

You can watch the clip here:

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