Watch Trump Imitate “Nervous Nancy” During Speech, Appears To Make Fun Of Her Mouth

It's the least clever of his stunts, and the one he uses most.

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At Trump’s absolutely unhinged rally Friday night in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the topic was always, inevitably going to turn to his impeachment. It’s all that’s on his mind, to the point of literally seeming to drive him at least a little bit insane.

But Trump, if nothing else, has been a source of study for psychologists eager to get to the bottom of how a man makes it to more than 70 years old without ever having mentally aged past middle school. Really the crux of such a study on Trump would probably be, if not his constant superlative usage (“the BIGGEST you’ve ever SEEN”), then his playground mockery of his political opponents — and anyone who happens to irritate him.

We’ve seen him make up derogatory nicknames, make fun of height, weight, and skin color, and do terrible vocal impressions. But mostly he likes to physically mimic those he detests. It’s the highest form of art for a middle schooler, and Trump excels at it. He once mimicked a disabled reporter so effectively that most people with souls thought it would be the end of his presidential campaign. It was THAT devastating.


Friday’s episode wasn’t quite as memorable as the reporter one, but it did truly underscore the fact that Trump, like the children who use mimicry as a tool of self-defense in middle school, is terrified of his rivals. He mocked Adam Schiff’s height for some reason — although Schiff is two inches taller than the national average — once again deploying what I’m certain he thinks is the demolishing insult of “Liddle.”

Then he turned to Nancy Pelosi.

Aside from the things he said about her, which were horrible, he appeared to be trying to mock the way her mouth moves or… Well, something, anyway. Take a look:

And of course, accusing her of hating America is pretty standard Republican fare these days. The GOP, like Trump, is without shame or conviction.

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