Watch: Reporter Asks Trump If He Has Any Investments In Hydroxychloroquine

Well, THAT was a pretty quick answer.

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There have been endless questions about why Donald Trump persists in promoting the unproven (for COVID-19) drug hydroxychloroquine, and for good reason: Some people who have tried it have experienced vision loss, heart problems, and in one case even death after following the president’s insistence that it’s effective for the treatment of the novel coronavirus strain.

Those questions have now come to the forefront of American curiosity, as Trump places his promotion of the drug front and center at each and every one of his now-daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings, much to the chagrin of doctors everywhere, including his main man Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has actually been stifled at the podium before he could accidentally dispel any myths.

Today, an intrepid reporter at the briefing finally did the inevitable: He asked the president point-blank as he was leaving the presser whether or not he had any investments in the drug, which is commonly and normally used for the treatment of other indicators, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.


The reason for the question, obviously, is that it would both be on-brand for Trump to be promoting a drug he stands to make money on the sale of and also highly unethical. But that’s what reporting has told us over the last few days — that his family does, in fact, have holdings in a French pharmaceutical firm, Sanofi, that produces the brand-name version of the drug.

So we’ll have to let you decide how trustworthy Trump sounds as he seemingly laughs off the question with a quick “no,” which of course is a lie if literally any of the recent reporting on it is true:

He sounds to me as though he may be trying to convince himself he doesn’t.

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