Watch Five Times Donald Trump Was Publicly Snubbed By World Leaders And Others

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I have it easy. I live all the way at the top left corner of the United States, maybe an hour from Vancouver, B.C., and I grew up doing accents, so it’s really easy for me to just tell people I’m Canadian.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a proud American, eh? But sometimes you’re just embarrassed to be from the same country as Donald Trump and his fucked-up family. I don’t really think you can blame me for sometimes wanting to mask where I come from, especially in polite company. After all, it’s pretty clear from the following list that “polite company” wants nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Here’s a little recap of five times the leader of the free world ended up looking like a dunce in front of the entire world because somebody didn’t want to be associated with him.


There’s possibly the most famous episode, that time the Polish First Lady skipped Trump’s outreached hand and went for Melania first:

No one could possibly forget the “Macron Swerve,” the day the French President shared a long, awkward handshake with Donnie, then visibly veered out of the way to avoid him later on that same day:

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May’s tenure didn’t last long, but the memory of her avoiding physical contact with the Trumpinator will live on:

Even the First Lady of another country who may look familiar to you once famously swatted away The Hand That Grabbed A Thousand P*ssies:

This last one is a little bit more of a stretch, because he actually did end up shaking Trump’s hand, smiling and laughing a little with Melania, and generally being cordial. But you can bet every penny you have that this little 17-second interlude felt like someone turned the AC down to about 32 degrees in that room:

In a just world, none of us would ever have to touch or even think about Donald Trump. But for all the times you’re embarrassed to be an American or if, God forbid, you’re ever in a situation where you’re forced to be gracious to him, let the memory of these clips get you through it.

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