Watch As Trump’s Kids Were Asked A Simple Math Question After They Bragged About Getting Into Wharton Business School

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All the way back in 2006 — a simpler time, when we had an even dumber President but we could at least count on knowing he wouldn’t nuke anyone over an errant tweet — Donald Trump was not in the business of thinking about being President. I mean, he probably did, but he didn’t run or anything, and if he did he mostly kept it to himself.

In fact, where you now see Trump calling into Fox & Friends or sitting down for the occasional softball interview with a Fox host, back then his favorite show to be on was Howard Stern’s radio program. It was raunchy, it was funny, and Stern was the self-declared “King Of All Media” — how could Trump resist?

On one particular visit, Trump brought along his two smartest children (we presume he made Eric wait in the limo) to brag about them and kind of give them an introduction to society, as it were. It was necessary because neither of them ever would have succeeded on their own, been relevant to anyone, or mattered in any way.


But an interesting thing happened on Howard’s show that day.

After listening to Don Junior and Ivanka yammer on and on about getting into Wharton Business school “on their own merit,” it was suddenly in question as to whether they had been told that they got in on their own by their dad and actually believed it, or whether they were just being cynical and lying the way that the elder Donald does about his schooling at the same institution.

Either way, Howard tripped them up with the easiest “riddle” of all time — easy because it’s simple math. If you went to business school and can’t do math at LEAST twice as fast as Howard Stern, you definitely didn’t get into business school on your own merit. The shock jock asked them, “What’s seventeen times six?” Now, I wrote out the words so I could slip you the answer before you calculated it yourself: It’s 102. That’s ten times six plus seven times six, just the way we were all taught in junior high.

Watch as Howard is the only one in the room who knows the right answer:

Featured image via screen capture

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