Watch As Trump Scrambles To Recover After He Botches Reading His Teleprompter

Ouch. Embarrassing.

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Donald Trump would — and does — make fun of, bully, and disparage his predecessor Barack Obama for quite literally anything. I mean that. Anything.

Whether it’s a tan suit, a policy decision, a golf trip, a family vacation, or a single hair out of place on his head, Trump has it out for the man that came before him.

And frankly, he always has.


Now, of course, Donald’s hatred towards Obama has obviously grown since he’s attempted to take the man’s place over the course of the last three years, only to quickly discover that he can never and will never live up to him. But a quick glance back through his Twitter account over the years and you can see that Trump’s been beefing with the 44th president of the United States for a long time now.

If you ask me, it’s because he’s a racist fuck and nothing that Obama ever did or will do will be satisfactory to Donald Trump simply because Barack is black and Trump is a piece of shit. But I don’t suppose that’s what this article is about, so I’ll leave that for another day.

As we all know, these days it seems there’s almost always an old Trump tweet that will correlate to whatever fuckery he’s up to at the time, right?

Today is no different folks.

May I take a moment and remind you of this particular little gem from back in 2012:

Well, Donald, I would suppose that having to “rely” on a teleprompter sure beats the hell out of not being able to read one, wouldn’t you?

Not only does Trump use the teleprompters that he criticized his predecessor for using — he’s not even good at it.

During his Las Vegas leg of his three-day MAGA rally tour today, Donald seemed to struggle hard with that pesky little teleprompter that he swore he’d never use.

But don’t worry, guys. He made a quick save.

“While the social…” Trump began before making an awkwardly long pause where you can tell simply from the expression on his face that he was doing his best to read the word he was actually supposed to be saying.

“And socialists,” he attempted to recover. “Democrats are trying to destroy the American healthcare and your social security…”

Okay, Boomer. At least Obama could read.

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