Watch As Prince Charles Appears To Snub Pence At World Holocaust Forum

Holy royal snub!

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Prince Charles wanted nothing to do with Mike Pence this week as the royal family member publicly snubbed the U.S. Vice President in a greeting line as he warmly welcomed other world leaders. The whole thing was caught on camera as Charles briefly looked straight at Pence, then shook the hand of the individual next to the veep. The man’s hand Charles shook is rather telling: former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s as if Charles had to choose which corrupt hand to shake, then chose Netanyahu out of respect for the leaders he was greeting at the World Holocaust Forum.



Well, this is awkward.

Apparently, the two spoke briefly before Charles greeted world leaders and publicly snubbed the vice president.

Perhaps Charles was less than impressed with that short talk. Pence seemed to welcome a handshake from Prince Charles but that didn’t happen. Charles just breezed past Pence instead.

Presidents, prime ministers, and royalty from around the world arrived in Israel on Wednesday for the two-day World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, according to Haaretz. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi attended the event, too. This marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. So, it’s kind of a big deal, and only one person was snubbed.

Aside from Trump finding himself on trial for impeachment, the “president” has isolated us from our allies. The U.K.’s royal family may have its share of scandals, but none of them were impeached, and they are literate. Also, most of them have served in the military, including the Queen, without complaining about bone spurs.

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