Watch As MSNBC Host Put Matt Gaetz On The Spot: “Why Do You Think The Rules Do Not Apply To You?”

Somebody get this guy a binky and a nap.

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump Republicans are willing to do anything to derail the impeachment inquiry that’s currently being led against Donald Trump by House Democrats.

And they’ll do it even if that means doing something as reckless, immature, and stupid as, say, storming a closed-door impeachment hearing with a band of your fuckwit GOP cronies armed with cell phones, recording devices, and proverbial pitchforks all because “It’s not fair!” — even though this procedure is precisely how impeachment proceedings have been done ever since impeachment proceedings became a thing.

Of course, they have to pull ridiculous stunts like this because they’ve put all their eggs in a bullshit basket, hoping beyond hope that they can tear this thing down on a technicality — they all know if it comes down to actually basing an impeachment proceeding on the evidence of what Trump has done, they’re all fucked.


Now, being that we’re talking about a group of Republicans here, everyone involved in that fiasco seems to think that the rules just don’t apply to them. But MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson was having none of that.

During a segment on the show, Jackson took the opportunity to confront one of the leaders of the storming debacle, Matt Gaetz, on why he seems to believe that he and his comrades are above the law, as well as pointing out what the impeachment inquiry has already uncovered.

Gaetz attempted to claim that this whole thing is all about “due process inequities” — peddling the common Republican lie that Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were treated better than Trump when they found themselves on the impeachment block.

“I want to find out why you think the rules do not apply to you as they’re laid out, to you, Congressman Gaetz. Why don’t they apply to you?” Hallie questioned.

“The precedent that was applied to president Clinton and president Nixon would necessitate some articulation of the rules so we have an understanding of what the Due Process requirements will be. We see Democrats now sacrificing due process on the altar of their hatred for Donald Trump,” Gaetz responded.

“Is it okay for any politician to trade military aid for political favors?” Jackson asked after bringing up Bill Taylor’s recent testimony and his opening statement that verified the existence of a quid pro quo in the Ukraine call.

“I’m not going to get into the specifics of the Taylor deposition because I wasn’t present for it,” said Gaetz.

“Do you think it’s appropriate?” the MSNBC host pressed.

“I do not believe it would be appropriate for any politician to link military aid to assistance in a future election. No. And I also don’t think that’s what the president did,” Matt answered.

“It appears from the testimony that we have seen reported publicly from the witnesses here that that is in fact what President Trump did… So do you dispute the facts then?” Jackson fired back.

“You’re playing the game here, Hallie,” Gaetz shot back in response, appearing rather irritated. “They selectively leak stuff that is not subject to cross-examination, rigorous review.”

Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of a roasted Republican, is there?

You can watch the clip here:

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