Watch As Mitch McConnell And Other Republicans Run Away From Reporter Who Asked About Trump’s Response To Protesters

This video is even funnier than you think it is.

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After Trump’s shocking display of dictatorial dickishness during a briefing he gave outside the White House where he threatened to turn the United States Military on its own citizens, his bloodlust was apparently not quite slaked — he followed up with a swift dispersal of protesters in Lafayette Park using tear gas and rubber bullets so that he could make his way over to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

There, the eternal question was answered: Why did the chicken cross the road? To pose in front of a church sign with a Bible, apparently.

But it was too late for him to save his reputation; he’d acted rashly in attacking the peaceful protesters, and literally every news service in the vicinity was reporting it exactly as it happened, so he couldn’t even try to spin it his way before viewers in Australia were seeing even their own foreign correspondents here in America being punched out by the Capitol Police at Trump’s command.


In short, the chemical attack and brutal beatdown of peaceful protesters and journalists in Lafayette Park on Monday was a PR nightmare for a President already mired in ill will over his handling of, well, everything in his job.

MSNBC decided to send reporter Kasie Hunt into the Capitol to try and get some quotes from the Republican Senators who bravely acquitted the criminal president, and their responses to whether or not they thought Trump had crossed a line or violated anyone’s rights by viciously gassing the crowd of mostly quiet demonstrators were quite telling.

They’re afraid of Donald Trump derailing their careers by turning his base against them.

They were, let’s say, less than forthcoming, and if it wasn’t so infuriating, it would be comical.

Obviously most of the responses were stunned silence, protestations that they “didn’t know enough to comment,” or insistences that they really didn’t see what had happened. Notably, Ted Cruz believed that the protesters were not treated harshly enough, and in case you couldn’t make it out through her facemask, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska commented that it was “not the America I know” when she saw the president attack his own citizens with clubs, rubber bullets, and tear gas.

Even the mighty Senate Majority Leader was cowed into a quiet shame as he attempted to pass like a ghost through the hallway and past the eyes of the news-watching public.

This is about what I might have expected from the spineless cowards in the GOP — an unwillingness to call even something that was blatantly, wantonly cruel and directed at American citizens even kind of bad for fear of angering Trump and experiencing his Twitter wrath.

Pathetic, even for this crowd of losers and wimps.

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