Watch As “Christian” Women Pray Over Trump: “We Thank You For This Man Of God”

We're doing those quotes in the title in the air with our fingers too.

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As though we needed any more proof that being a Trump adherent is at least adjacent to being a cult member, today we are treated to a video of the President surrounded by his evangelical groupies — the one sect of Trumpism I doubt I will ever understand — laying hands on him inside his swanky Washington, DC hotel, the Trump International.

Now, this is the property that Trump uses to host foreign dignitaries who want to curry his favor by staying in his hotel. This is where captains of industry come to prove their fealty to the president from whom they need permission to further exploit the proletariat, unethically purge their payrolls of disloyal types, and undergo mergers that make the Monopoly Man’s cheeks flush with the same pewter color as the boot game piece that was unceremoniously given the boot a few months after Trump was elected.

Don’t want to remind people of the bootstraps they would soon be needing, after all.


But of all the different flavors of Trump voter, easily the most powerful and influential are the evangelicals: Trump knows that without this portion of his base, he may as well forego running for any office in the future.

Thankfully for the President, these people are not very smart and their price tag is low — just promise them they’ll still control society during your tenure, and they’re yours.

But the unscheduled appearance this week with his own personal Jesus, Paula White, serves as a reminder of what’s happening in Trumpland to those whose spirituality doesn’t come from a televangelist who looks like she’s hawking Diamonique™ on QVC.

Watch as these feckless pretenders pray for the god of shitholes, pussy-grabbing, and border walls to grant Trump “power like none other,” a totally normal thing to ask for in reference to a President who’s totally, absolutely not a dictator:

Father, we ask you that you protect him. That you lift him up, that you give him strength and know that he must be tired at times. And we just pray that you give him power like none other.”

Can you counter-pray? Is that a thing? Dear God, please don’t give Donald Trump any more power at all — we’re struggling with what he’s got already.

Uh, amen.

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