Watch Adam Schiff Repeatedly Shut Down Jim Jordan’s Attempts To Ask Question: “The Gentleman Is Not Recognized”

Jordan was put in his place.

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House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff did not allow one of Donald Trump’s biggest defenders to derail the second day of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry. Schiff and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) delivered their opening statements before former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony. Let’s just say that Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) terrible week just got worse.

Jordan tried to ask a question before Yavanovitch’s testimony but Schiff repeatedly refused to recognize him.

Jordan said, “Chairman, I have a point of order,” but Schiff quickly interjected, “The gentleman’s not recognized.”


“I have a point of order, though,” Jordan said again.

Schiff once more said, “The gentleman’s not recognized.”

Jordan tried a third time: “I have a point of order.”

“The gentleman’s not recognized,” Schiff shot back while banging his gavel.


“Holy cow,” Jordan responded.

Schiff praised Yovanovitch for doing a “remarkable job fighting corruption in Ukraine,” and added that she was “smeared and cast aside” because she was “considered an obstacle to the furtherance of the President’s personal and political agenda.”

Yovanovitch noted that no one from the Trump administration explained why they suddenly wanted her ousted. Yovanovitch also said that, as Donald Trump Jr. and others publicly smeared her, State Department officials attempted to get Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to sign a statement of support for her, but he refused.

Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president that was outed by a whistleblower was the catalyst in Democrats launching the impeachment inquiry. Trump has failed to release the full transcript of the call. Perhaps Trump should sit down and go under oath to prove his innocence and that would clear things up.  But he has repeatedly attacked the whistleblower on Twitter and at rallies instead. File that under “things a guilty person does.”

Jordan was ignored similarly to how he ignored his players at Ohio State University about sexual abuse. While the Ohio Republican is busy defending his “president,” he has his own scandal to deal with. Calling him a “gentleman” is a stretch.

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