Video Reveals Mueller Arresting Trump And His Administration, This Will Make Your Day

We've all been waiting for this moment for a really long time.

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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in on Donald Trump and all his equally corrupt minions, we’re all eagerly awaiting the day where Mueller finally puts all of these swamp monsters behind bars. Already, we’re seeing major developments in what’s happening in the trials of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen — so things are heating up fast. Unfortunately, because Trump has become so unhinged lately, it’s not happening soon enough.

America is anxiously waiting to see what comes of Trump’s many investigations, and a highly creative and talented videographer has zeroed in on the country’s tensions and given us what we’ve all been looking for – a cinematic masterpiece that shows Trump and his entire administration being hauled off to jail where they belong.

The videographer, who goes by the name of “1clone”, created an amazing satirical trailer for what we hope will come of Mueller’s investigations. Mocking Trump voters for their mistake in the 2016 election, this gem will give anyone who voted against Trump a short escape from the daily torture of #45. This video went viral after being shared by Keith Olbermann, and it’s worth every minute. You can watch it below:


While we doubt that Trump and his administration will go so peacefully, we really hope this is a look into a future Trump-less America. As midterm elections are near, it’s important to keep our great country’s potential in mind.

America cannot survive much more of Republican-led “governing,” and we certainly can’t survive another four years of Donald Trump. We must keep this in mind and encourage all of our friends and family to get out to the voting booths in November, so we can make this video a reality. The GOP has been protecting Trump for way too long.

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