Unverified Photo Of Trump At Rally Appears To Show POTUS Wearing High-Heeled Shoes

I half expected to see red bottoms.

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For such a pompous prick, Donald Trump is an insecure little boy when it comes to a lot of things. But almost all of his petty insecurities revolve around one thing — size.

He wants to have big, fluffy, luxurious hair. He can’t stand for anyone to comment on his teeny, tiny baby hands. He wants the biggest crowds with the biggest turnouts in the biggest buildings. And he loves to brag about having the biggest ratings, even when he clearly doesn’t. Everything has to be big, big, BIG for the dude. And I really don’t even want to know how deeply this *size* obsession really runs. But something tells me that Melania has to say really nice on the second Sunday morning of every month.

I just wonder how he feels about being the biggest failure? The biggest jerkwad? Biggest embarrassment to the United States of American? I’m willing to bet he’s awfully damn conflicted over that.



While Trump’s fetish for big and large things truly seems to know no bounds, he’s made it pretty clear that his biggest fixation is actually that of his height.

The dude is kinda on the shorter side and he positively cannot stand it. I’d venture to say that he equates height with power and masculinity. And considering he’s a short, dumpy little man with not near the power or masculinity he wishes he had — well, you get my point.

Which is what leads us to the photograph that’s now making its rounds on social media.

Now before we dive into this, this is a random picture of Donald Trump that’s floating around on Twitter. We have no way of verifying if it’s legitimate or has been altered in any way. I’m just going by what I see at this point.

However, we all know that Donnie’s been busted in more than one lie about his vertical prosperity. So, it’s pretty easy to believe.

Twitter user Mystery Solvent took to his Twitter account today with a photograph from Trump’s recent rally that, should he actually get wind of it, will likely get someone fired or worse.

At first glance of the photograph, that’s positioned behind Trump at the podium, you notice that the back portion of his shoe features a heel. A little weird, yea. But it’s not completely out of the question for men’s dress shoes to feature a small heel, right?

But it’s upon closer scrutiny and thanks to my editor that you’ll notice it’s not only the heel portion of Trump’s shoes that’s been raised.

The man has a shoe lift under the FRONT PART OF THE SHOE!

To say the least, Twitter users were ALL over this one:

Again, we can’t verify the authenticity of the photo. However, the fact that you see a picture of Donald Trump in heels and you don’t even question it… That speaks volumes itself.

Featured image via screen capture 

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