Unearthed Video Of Trump On Larry King Reminds Us All How Much POTUS “Likes Nepotism”

There's always a clip of him saying everything he now denies.

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Amid all the back and forth over Ukraine, with the President’s admission of a crime and his attempts to turn it back on former VP Joe Biden over his son’s contacts in the country, the subject of nepotism — granting favors to one’s family members or close associates in considering them for jobs or loans or what have you — has become a running theme.

Hunter Biden himself has more than intimated that he would not have had the lucrative positions at foreign organizations without having been able to ride his father’s coattails, to be sure. But Donald Trump’s own children are arguably talentless hacks who would literally have nothing without their last name — Hunter at least holds a degree in history from Georgetown and is a Yale-educated lawyer.

It all spilled over into the news cycle, with Republican beneficiaries of nepotism all over the airwaves decrying Hunter’s use of his father’s name, starting with the Trump boys. But by the end, even Ronna Romney McDaniel got in on it, despite having nothing more than an undergrad degree from BYU and a mother, grandmother, grandfather, and uncle who were all famous politicians.


But here’s the thing: They have no room to talk, and the hosts of Morning Joe had a little fun proving it this morning.

In an early segment of Wednesday’s broadcast, Joe and Mika dug up a clip of Donald Trump sitting down with Larry King thirteen years ago, long before any political aspirations might have tightened up what he said in public, telling the legendary cable news host that he likes nepotism.

I like nepotism. If you can’t take care of your kids — you know that better than I do … a lot of people say, ‘ohhh, nepotism,’ [but] usually these are people without children.”

Watch the exchange here:

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