Ukraine Politician Who Appeared To Push For Info About Joe Biden Was Just Arrested Amid Giuliani Visit

Well, that puts a damper on Rudy's plans.

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Something that’s gone largely overlooked in all the hype of the impeachment hearings, whether before the House Intelligence Committee or now before the Judiciary Committee, is the fact that the underlying justification for the President’s phone call — getting political “dirt” on Joe Biden and his son — is still being pursued by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

It’s baffling to me that it doesn’t get more media coverage since Rudy has claimed over and over that he was and is working on Trump’s behalf in Ukraine in order to secure the “evidence” he says will spell trouble for the former Vice President:


That’s literally the President’s lawyer saying that he’s still looking for dirt on Biden and that anti-corruption assistance to Ukraine depends on it.

So it must have been particularly sour news for both Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump to hear that Oleksandr Onyshchenko, a former lawmaker in Ukraine’s parliament under former president Petro Poroshenko, had been arrested in Germany under a request from Ukraine’s current anti-corruption investigators, who are awaiting a decision on extradition.

The arrest occurred while Giuliani was in Ukraine.

Onyshchenko has, in the past, peddled the same Kremlin-backed conspiracy theories about the Bidens as Giuliani is currently spreading, including ridiculous claims about “big bags of cash” being handed over to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president and illicit payments to the Bidens as “insurance” against corruption investigations.

All of these claims have been long-debunked, but despite the President being currently embroiled in an impeachment inquiry, his administration inexplicably continues to do exactly what he’s accused of, furthering the hunt for disinformation on Joe Biden.

The arrest of the former lawmaker, ironically, has nothing to do with his outlandish claims; he’s been a fugitive since his parliamentary immunity was stripped from him after he was accused of embezzling $64 million from Ukraine’s nationally-owned gas company.

Small wonder that he might echo the conspiracy theories being pushed by Giuliani, Trump, and Vladimir Putin, perhaps in order to secure “protection” from the United States against prosecution. But if Trump did offer to shield Onyshchenko, it would certainly undermine his argument that he was originally seeking to root out corruption in Ukraine in order to ensure taxpayer money was going to a clean country.

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