Two Of Trump’s Advisers Backpedaling After Getting Busted On Audio Bashing Trump

Well, we can't wait for the Twitter fit over this one.

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CNN successfully made Trump and most of his administration look like complete asshats on a segment today when they aired a few old clips that featured two of Trump’s economic advisors straight trashing him in interviews — and CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and John Avlon wasted no time in ruthlessly mocking them for it, leaving us with pure golden entertainment.

Avlon set the stage for the story stating, “Two of President Trump’s advisers on the economy made some unflattering comments about then-candidate Donald Trump’s policies.”

“CNN’s KFile has unearthed a 2015 radio interview with Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore in which they disparaged  Trump,” at which point they cut to the audio of both advisers discussing Trump’s stance on immigration.


Trump’s very own nominee to the Federal Reserve, Stephen Moore, can be heard saying, “I think it’s a crazy policy, I think it’s bad economics. I think it’s even worse politics.”

Kudlow can then be heard saying, “Shocked a lot of people. You know, going house to house and deporting illegals, repealing the 14th Amendment. The Republican Party is very much against what Trump wants.”

Reporter Christine Romans chimed in, “In a statement to CNN, Kudlow said now he never should have made those comments, calling it ‘speculative radio chatter that turned out to be wildly inaccurate’.” As far as Moore goes? “He no longer supports going back to the gold standard he once did and told KFile he no longer wants to abolish the Fed.”

Harlow, while laughing said, “It’s called ‘evolving,’ Romans,” while Avlon belly laughed. “Evolving.”

“Or flip-flopping depending —” Romans added.

Avlon added as they wrapped up, “The president doesn’t take kindly to this criticism. He has really doubled down in support of Stephen Moore even as Herman Cain’s prospects for the Fed have fallen away. Does that still look as secure?” — speculating what we’re all left wondering now: Will this instigate another Trump tantrum?

You can watch the video here:

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