Two Major TV Networks Appeared To Cut Off Lindsey Graham After He Went On Rant To Defend Trump

Sometimes you just have to cut off the supply to the stupid.

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South Carolina Senator and self-proclaimed Donald Trump sycophant recently sat in on the hearing surrounding Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s recent report after his investigation into whether or not the FBI had a political bias against Donald Trump before and during their investigations into his multiple transgressions.

Despite the fact that the IG’s report has determined that not only was there no political bias, but Trump’s very own daughter also was pretty good pals with the author of the Steele dossier which Donald seems to believe was the basis for everything, Lindsey is certainly doing a damn good job of absolutely milking his position as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and hammering home those ridiculous Trump talking points.

Unsurprisingly so, as the chair of the committee, Graham had no shame in allowing himself an endless amount on time to prattle on against the FBI’s investigations into Russian interference in US elections. So much so, in fact, that not one, but two major news outlets actually cut away from the Senator’s ramblings to cover more important news — ironically and deliciously enough, breaking news regarding Trump’s impeachment.


MSNBC cut away from live coverage of Graham to ask former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to “fact-check” her former colleague.

McCaskill was quick to point out that the Senator was behaving like a “good lawyer” for Donald Trump.

“He is doing a good opening statement that is trying to take things out of context,” she stated. “I know Lindsey Graham pretty well or at least I thought I did. If in fact, the FBI was investigating somebody, which they were [Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort] before he came to work on the Trump campaign.”

“They were investigating him for getting a lot of money for Russian influence and then he went to work on a presidential campaign and then, lo and behold, the platform gets changed at the [Republican] convention to more fully love Russia,” McCaskill continued.

“Can you imagine what Lindsey Graham would be doing if the FBI had not opened this investigation?” she went on to question. “Lindsey Graham would be screaming from the rooftops. You’ve got a Russian guy who has taken millions of dollars from Russia, who’s going into the heart of a presidential campaign in the United States.”

“Of course you have to investigate,” the former Senator concluded. “This is such hypocrisy on the part of Lindsey Graham.”

In addition to MSNBC’s break in coverage, CNN also put the Senator’s monologue on mute to talk about more important things, and the usual suspects on Twitter were mad as hell:

Frankly, a time comes where you just have to shut off the flow to the stupidity. And Graham’s time was up.

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