Twitter Users Respond After NBC News Says Impeachment Hearing Lacked “Pizzazz”

This did not go down well.

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Apparently, NBC News thinks the impeachment inquiry that is being aired across the U.S. needs a bit more “pizzazz” instead of those boring old testimonies by officials revealing the depth of Donald Trump’s corruption. Diplomats William Taylor and George Kent both testified that the “president” basically extorted Ukraine for his own personal benefit to smear his political rival, Joe Biden and his son. At least Rep. Jim Jordan inadvertently provided some comedic relief, though.

NBC News reported that the hearing didn’t have enough “pizzazz necessary to capture public attention.”


Pizzazz is defined as “an attractive combination of vitality and glamour” and we’re pretty sure that’s not what the hearing lacked. It did lack, however, officials from the Trump administration who are refusing to comply with the investigators, though.

Twitter users were not amused.

NBC News just echoed a right-wing talking point by suggesting that the historic hearings are too boring. Maybe the outlet expected a wet t-shirt contest to break out in the middle of the hearing as Stormy Daniels struts in the room with a come-hither look on her face. This entire administration is already a shitshow so why not.

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