Twitter Mocks Trump For Vowing To Protect “Heritage” And Insisting That His Tulsa Rally Wasn’t A Flop While Bragging About His Ratings

He just can't accept that he's a loser.

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Donald Trump insisted that his Tulsa rally was not a complete flop as part of a Twitter rant in which he also finally came up with things he wants to do in a second term, including protecting monuments symbolizing racism, treason and white supremacy.

Trump has been butthurt about the turnout of his rally, which drew fewer than 6,200 people after he spent days bragging about how one million wanted to show up.

He spoke to a mostly empty stadium and even canceled planned remarks to the overflow crowd outside the venue because no such crowd existed.


His ego flattened, Trump returned to Washington DC with his tail tucked between his legs. But now he is insisting that the rally was a total hit because of Fox News ratings.

And after being unable to name any priorities for a second term, Trump finally came up with a few.

Yeah, not even close to being inspiring. The Green New Deal is designed to transform our economy in the face of catastrophic climate change, something our nation and the rest of the world desperately needs. Trump’s desire to take over the Supreme Court has everything to do with him believing that it should vote his way instead of via precedent and the Constitution. His tax cuts have been so disastrous that we have been in a recession since February while the deficit and debt have skyrocketed. And his desire to protect “heritage” has everything to do with the Confederacy and pandering to his racist base.

In short, everything Trump wants to do will not help or improve America in any way. In fact, it’s more of a list of things he won’t be doing.

Twitter users responded with mockery and criticism.

Trump denies reality every day in his constant obsession with stroking his ego. We need a president who cares about America, not a president who only cares about himself.

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