Turkish President Appears To Take Thinly-Veiled Swipe At Trump After Country Captured Baghdadi’s Wife: “We Didn’t Make A Big Ruckus Out Of It”

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As of eleven days ago, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is apparently dead as a result of an operation carried out by the United States military.

As we all expected when Trump sent out a cryptic tweet the night before declaring that “something big just happened,” he promptly took all of the credit the next morning in a press conference — during which he patted his own back more than a little, praised and thanked Russia, and said a word or two about our military personnel that was actually responsible for the successful raid as a mere afterthought, despite the fact that years before, when Osama Bin Laden was killed during Obama’s presidency, Trump discouraged the American public from giving praise to the president, as the military were the ones deserving of the compliments.

Of course, Trump ran even further with the whole mess, claiming that the ISIS leader went down “screaming and whimpering” even though Pentagon officials have no idea where he got that information from.


He really made just a huge, complete spectacle out of the whole thing to ensure that the attention from the public landed nowhere else but on him — as he does with pretty much everything.

But as it turns out, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was far from impressed with Donald’s behavior surrounding the successful raid, and he made such well known when he announced that his country has captured Baghdadi’s wife.

During a speech at Ankara University, Erdogan publicly announced the capture and took a thinly-veiled swipe at Trump’s PR stunt in the process.

“They [the US] launched a very serious PR campaign” surrounding their role in the ISIS leader’s death, Ergodan stated.

“We caught his wife but look, we didn’t make a big ruckus out of it, today is the first time we are announcing it,” he continued, issuing a rather apparent dig at Donald Trump.

The Turkish government has not yet released any further details surrounding the capture of the ISIS leader’s wife. However, it’s pretty damn clear that they won’t be grandstanding Trump-style when they do.

You can watch a clip of Erdogan’s speech here:

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