Turkish President Appears To Snub Mike Pence: “When Trump Comes Here I’ll Be Talking”

He's not interested in what Pence has to say.

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Donald Trump has made quite a mess out of the situation between the Kurds and the Turks. To make a long story short, the asswipe turned his back, and effectively this whole nation’s back, on the group of people that have been one of our strongest allies for over a decade — successfully making our entire country look like a shitty and untrustworthy ally. Because, after that bullshit, we are.

However, now that Donald is beginning to lose the support of even his staunchest advocates (i.e. “Lapdog” Lindsey Graham and “Moscow” Mitch McConnell) it seems he’s attempting to double back and at least halfway clean up this God-awful mess he’s created. Or, at the very least, get it quickly swept under the rug before Lindsey and Mitch end up voting for his impeachment.

But evidently, Donnie doesn’t want to do the dirty work involved in that himself. So instead, he opted to send his right-hand man Mike Pence in his place.


As it turns out, Turkey’s president doesn’t want shit to do with America’s second in line.

Pence was on the docket to travel to Ankara, Turkey and meet with the country’s leader in an attempt to get them to immediately cease-fire against the Kurds — who have been losing their lives at an alarming rate in what can only be described as a bloodbath, after Trump pulled US troops from the border and essentially gave Turkey the go-ahead to attack — and hopefully come to a negotiated settlement between the nations.

But Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan apparently has absolutely no desire to do any negotiating with the Vice President.

When speaking with Sky News Erdoğan stated that he would send his own Vice President, Fuat Oktay to meet with Pence in his place.

But when it comes to a meeting with the Turkish president himself, Erdoğan had this to say:

“When Trump comes here I’ll be talking.”

I guess now we wait and see if Donnie’s got the balls.

You can watch the clip here:

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