Trump’s Words Come Back To Bite Him In The A*s When Video Supercut Circulates Showing Trump Trashing Obama For Issuing Executive Orders

It never fails.

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Ever since the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm election, Donald Trump has been faced with a pretty big obstacle: All he wants is one big legislative win to define his presidency, but the closest he ever came was the highly-partisan tax cuts of late 2017, and now it looks like he’ll finish out his term without a single landmark achievement.

Sure, he takes credit for stuff that Obama’s done, but mostly all Trump can do at this point is try to look authoritative by firing off executive orders to do what he wants to do — which is apparently anything he wants.


But that’s where the irony of “there’s always a tweet” comes in. In this case, it’s not so much tweets as things he’s said in interviews over the years — particularly the years that Obama was president. It turns out that Trump really didn’t think much of Obama doing what he’s now doing with executive orders.

So after Trump went around Congress on Saturday with a half-ass approach to “stimulus” and coronavirus relief (by choking off funding for Social Security and reducing the weekly unemployment benefits out-of-work Americans get), a video began circulating on Sunday that showed a different Trump, one who was outraged that Obama used EOs to accomplish the things he wanted done, saying “you’re supposed to make a deal.”

It opens with a clip of an interview that Trump did with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

You know, Obama signs his executive orders all day long because he can’t get along with anybody. It’s not the way it’s supposed to work, as you understand.”

The video goes on to show multiple times that Trump decried Obama’s use of executive authority to get things done. Of course, the Congress that Obama faced was headed up by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who very publicly announced his intention to block anything and everything that Democrats and Obama wanted, no matter what it was.

Democrats have actually done their best to work WITH Trump during the last 3.5 years, and only failed to reach consensus when what he and the Republicans wanted was so far-right it was ridiculous.

Watch the clip here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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