Trump’s Televised Call With Mexico’s President Goes Terribly Wrong, POTUS Unravels In Front Of World

Watching Trump and his incompetent team struggle has never been more cringeworthy.

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At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, no White House blunders should be surprising anymore. For over a year and a half, we’ve watched Trump and his team f*ck up even the most simple of tasks as their complete and utter incompetence and lack of communication humiliates the country. Even though Trump has been forced to replace much of his starting administration, he can’t seem to live up to his claim of being a good judge of character — he continues to choose duds. And earlier today we saw exactly what happens when no one in the White House knows what they’re doing.

On Monday, the world was allowed to witness one of the most awkward presidential conversations in history. In a televised call between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Trump’s White House embarrassed the nation by proving that they cannot even complete basic tasks without screwing up — not even a simple phone call.

Trump was prepared to have a discussion with Mexico’s president and made the announcement that the United States and Mexico had made a new deal concerning the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The only problem was that his minions couldn’t even figure out how to work the phone. Trump started off by explaining the call to those watching and introduced Mexico’s president. He said:


Now it’s a really good deal for both countries and we look very much forward to it and I believe the president is on the phone. Enrique?”

Silence. Realizing that something was wrong, Trump then went into panic mode and turned to his team for help, which made things even more awkward as they struggled to make a connection. Trump was left awkwardly sitting at his desk, trying again and again to get his Mexican counterpart on the line. Trump continued to beg for help:

You can hook them up. Tell me when. A lot of people waiting. Hello? You want to put that on this phone, please? Hello?”

The moments leading up to the call are excruciating to watch, but it sure is nice to watch Trump squirm. You can watch him unravel below:

Featured image via screen capture

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