Trump’s Sons Get Destroyed For Sitting Front Row At D-Day Celebration

This is disgraceful.

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The Trump family has been under some pretty serious criticism lately for the president’s spawn managing to mooch off their dad and attend numerous occasions at which their presence was neither necessary nor appropriate.

This morning, Donald and French President Emmanuel Macron were in attendance at a D-Day commemoration ceremony at the American cemetery above Omaha Beach. The president looked on as Macron presented France’s highest civilian award, the Legion of Honor, to five Americans who fought and served in Operation Overlord on June 6th, 1944 — the largest air and water military operation in history.

Macron spoke on the significance that D-Day holds in France and the importance the alliance bore to the world after the war, and went on in English to thank the Americans that served.


For perhaps the first time in his presidency, Trump pretty well stuck to his script when giving his speech, calling the World War II veterans “the very greatest Americans who will ever live” and “the glory of our republic,” and saying “we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Trump chose a few of the D-Day veterans that were present at the ceremony and told their stories to the crowd. “We come not only because of what they did here — we come because of who they were,” he stated.

However, it was difficult to even pay attention to Trump’s good behavior considering his two oldest sons were inappropriately seated in the front row through the entire commemoration.

Taking into account that Don Jr. and Eric don’t even work for the government, much less have they ever had to guts to serve in our military, Trump’s favoritism was blatantly on display despite his civilized remarks.

To say the least, the public didn’t care for it:

Those front row seats should have been reserved for individuals that actually had the gumption to serve. Not two spineless blowhards riding their daddy’s coattails.

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