Trump’s Reelection Chances Could Be Shot As Expert Election Predictor Claims He’s Now The Most Vulnerable President Since Jimmy Carter

Donnie's clock is ticking!

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Despite Donald Trump’s continued claims that he’s not worried about the impending election that could serve as the end of his reign of terror on the United States, according to one expert polling analyst, he should be.

It’s no big secret that Trump has counted on his shiny American economy to pull him through to another four years in the White House — I suppose even he knows he doesn’t have much else going for him. However, now that the economy he was betting all his chips on is crumbling before our very eyes thanks to Donnie’s lacking response to the coronavirus outbreak, it looks as though the basket holding all of his eggs has a gaping hole in it, leaving Trump without the claim of the “best economy ever.”

Polling analyst Kyle Kondik recently penned an article explaining just how detrimental things truly are for number 45.


In the piece, Kondik notes that Trump’s bid for reelection is rapidly showing some eery similarities to that of Jimmy Carter’s historically doomed presidential campaign in 1980, who also faced huge challenges during the most crucial days of his bid at reelection.

Kondik goes on to acknowledge the fact that Trump has recently seen somewhat decent approval ratings since his dumpster fire of a pandemic response lifted off last month, but quickly notes that president Carter also saw a mild uptick in ratings at the very beginning of the Iran hostage crisis that ultimately served as the end of his presidency.

“Carter’s approval shot up to the high 50s in the Gallup poll in the midst of the hostage crisis after it was in the low 30s before it, a massive boost that would revert to the low 30s by the summer,” Kondik writes. “Henry Olsen, a conservative Washington Post columnist, noted earlier this week that Trump’s recent bump is not only modest compared to past presidents, but also to other world leaders.”

The polling experts also goes on to point out something we’ve been noticing for some time now — Trump has padded his pandemic response with so many lies, mistruths, and overall screw-ups that the Democratic candidates running against him this year have virtually endless ammo to use against him in their campaign ads.

“2020 has been a year of ‘bleak tidings’ for the United States, at least so far,” Kondik wraps up. “This parallel to 1980 poses a real challenge to an incumbent president whose reelection chances were very much in question even during sunnier times.”

All we can do is hope to God he’s right.

You can read the full article here.

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