Trump’s Own Lawyer Inadvertently Calls Him A “Traitor To Our Country” In Bizarre Twitter Post

What the hell was he thinking?

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Possibly the funniest thing ever to happen to Rudy Giuliani — and we’re including the time a chorus of boos rained down on him in Yankee Stadium when they announced his birthday on the P.A. — came last Friday by the former mayor’s own hand. It just took a few days for it to kick in.

On Friday, Giuliani tweeted his displeasure at the timing of special counsel Robert Mueller’s decisions to make court filings for indictments, insinuating that Mueller was coordinating his efforts with times when he knew that Trump would be leaving the country and could not quickly respond, or… Something. Actually, we can’t figure out exactly what Rudy’s angry about in this tweet:


What we CAN figure out is exactly where Rudy went wrong with the tweet.

See how Twitter automatically made a link out of Giuliani’s typo? It happens when people (a) don’t space after a period and (b) put something on the right side of the period that happens to be a domain extension. In Rudy’s tweet, it happened with “G-20” and the word “in” as shown in brackets here: “…just as the President left for [G-20.In] July he indicted the Russians who will…”

Someone else must have noticed it as well, because they went ahead and bought the domain “” (which is a domain extension in India) and parked a pretty spectacular page there, should anyone happen to click Rudy’s accidental link.

The text right at the top of the page reads:

Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.”

In fact, that’s all it says. And we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Featured image via screen capture

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