Trump’s Old Tweet About Electing “A F*cking Moron” Re-Emerges On Social Media

He's like a Nostradumbass.

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It’s weird to watch an axiom take shape in real-time — a new saying that everyone understands and can say to each other with confidence that the person they’re talking to will totally get their meaning. It happens as rarely as one might hear an album and know that people will still be listening to it 50 years later. But we have one that’s coalesced around the Trump presidency and it, in turn, has given breath to other jokes and memes.

“There’s a tweet for everything.”

It means that no matter how ironic, Donald Trump has tweeted something in the past that now applies to him as President that makes him look like some sort of savant idiot. Not an idiot savant, but the other way around: Someone who could keenly understand what an idiot President would look like, only it’s now him.


A thing only becomes an axiom if it’s universally true, and this one is absolutely, positively, always true, no matter the situation. But today’s example of it almost boggles the mind.

My, that IS an interesting cartoon. And today it’s circulating because of you and the two methods that actually were included in the Constitution in case we ever elected a fucking moron: Impeachment and removal, or simple removal via the 25th Amendment, both of which are distinct possibilities for Trump, and one of which is actually underway in the beginning stages.

And circulate it did. Whatever it is that makes something old new again happened today with this tweet, and it now has thousands of retweets and quote-tweets, despite being from exactly 5 years ago today.

Whatever made this anniversary tweet so magical, we’ll never forget it now.

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