Trump’s Iran Motives Seemingly Questioned After Report Suggested POTUS’ Loans From Deutsche Bank Were Backed By Russia

Did he actually kill someone as a distraction?

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Weren’t Trump Deutsche Bank loans in the news all the way back when he was running for President to begin with? Yes, yes they were. And no one was paying attention, because every third word out of Trump’s mouth back then was about Mexican rapists or banning Muslims from entering the US. If Trump learned anything at all from his days in television, it’s how to distract viewers with something juicier while stuff that looks bad is going on.

That’s why the news this week that a whistleblower from Deutsche Bank, not an investigative reporter or speculating bystander, has told the FBI that Trump’s loans through the German financier were guaranteed by a state-owned Russian bank seems to be triggering a round of suspicion that Trump is once again trying to distract Americans from something he doesn’t want us looking at.

News keeps piling up since Trump’s impeachment of details that look worse and worse for Trump regarding the Ukraine timeline for withholding the military aid, exposing the fact that Trump personally intervened in order to KEEP the aid withheld. Now that another whistleblower has come forward on Deutsche Bank, it seems exceedingly likely that Trump just couldn’t handle the onslaught of news and needed something to turn the nation’s head in the direction he wanted.


The documents that the whistleblower had access to apparently originated with the son of a former official at the Bank who recently committed suicide under circumstances not wholly unlike the “suicide” of Trump’s late friend Jeffrey Epstein.

But the last time Trump’s loans were in the news, it was merely because people thought it was suspicious that the megabank would loan him money so shortly after he’d bankrupted multiple casinos and then personally filed for bankruptcy himself.

All that head-scratching stops if we now know that the German bank wasn’t actually taking a risk on Trump — because the man we’ve all long suspected was pulling Trump’s strings, Vladimir Putin, was personally underwriting the loans.

Now THAT is something he’d need a distraction from.

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