Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Begin Day One Of Senate Trial By Apparently Lying To Chief Justice John Roberts

What do these geniuses think is going to happen?

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They couldn’t help themselves. That’s all I can come up with as the reason that Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone, Donald Trump’s lawyers for his impeachment trial, would open the proceedings in the Senate before presiding Judge John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, with a blatant lie that literally anyone who watched any part of the impeachment inquiry in the House knows is untrue.

The pair would have to be hilariously incompetent — or sure that Roberts will be as biased as they are — to advance the idea that no Republican House members were allowed in the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, that was used by Democrats during the inquiry to ensure that there were no leaks via cell phone or electronic device.

GOP Representatives famously “stormed” the SCIF, cell phones in hand, as the Democrats were holding a hearing, but they were all Republicans who weren’t allowed in due to not being on the Committee present. Republicans present or invited to the hearing were on the Committee, as is literally always the case.


Already, at least one Congresswoman (who was present in the SCIF) and one Senator have called out Trump’s lawyers for lying under oath to the Chief Justice:

Imagine being a bar-certified lawyer telling literally the most powerful judge in America a lie that you know is a lie and that you know HE knows is a lie. Just imagine the mental gymnastics required in order to do something like that.

This is the sad result of conservatives who like Donald Trump exactly where he is and will do anything to prevent him from being removed — because if he is, the complicit Vice President will be next, and Republicans would be facing the prospect of a President Nancy Pelosi, something that would drive every last one of them to despair.

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