Trump’s Golf Club Members In Attendance During His Press Briefing Boo Loudly After Reporter Points Out That Many Aren’t Wearing Masks; Trump Defends Them By Calling Them “Peaceful Protesters” Of The Media

All jackasses, just like him.

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During a press conference that Trump called late in the day after he finished golfing, the President discussed the coronavirus, election interference, a potential stimulus package, and any manner of other topics he could outright lie about — we watched the presser together here at Political Tribune as we normally do, and we were astounded at the fact that almost not a single word the president said today was factual.

In fact, he was so long-winded in his lengthy explanations of exactly why everyone but him was wrong about literally everything that it took the better part of half an hour to even get to reporters’ questions.

When they came, however, he was immediately combative. I imagine that this stance was because Trump was on his home turf — a posh country club surrounded by those he loves most in the world: The people who pay $150,000 to become members, then send in another twenty-five grand every year to maintain the privilege.


So when a reporter asked why those in the room weren’t wearing masks — as New Jersey law currently mandates — Trump’s friendly audience turned hostile along with him.

There actually is no exemption for “peaceful protesters,” of course. That’s a right-wing talking point used to try and make Governors who institute mask ordinances look like hypocrites if there are also protests in their states and cities. The New Jersey law, signed by Governor Phil Murphy on July 8, can be read in its entirety here.

Watching Trump get applause like at one of his rallies is likely to make him want to hold ALL of his pressers at his country clubs, in which case, we may just have to stop watching entirely.

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