Trump’s Doral Resort Family Swimming Pool Is Still Open For Business Amid Social Distancing And Quarantine Recommendations

This is disgusting!

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After multiples attendees at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort have now fallen ill with the coronavirus, a new report from New York Times investigative reporter Eric Lipton claims that the Trump-owned club has now officially closed its doors to the public for the foreseeable future — but the report makes it clear that he’s literally only doing the bare minimum.

As Donald spent several weeks leading up to this pandemic downplaying the severity of the novel virus, more and more patrons of his personal property began to test positive for the illness that’s now ravaging this country, resulting in a stock market crash of epic proportions, putting millions of Americans out of work, and effectively eliminating what little hope of reelection Donald had left.

But frankly, Trump himself didn’t really seem phased by the issue, despite the fact that he was quite literally in very close contact with many of the individuals who ultimately received a COVID-19 diagnosis.


Something tells me that has a whole lot to do with the facts that 1.) social distancing and staying home is a hell of a lot easier to pull off when you have millions in the bank and aren’t forced to worry about paying your light bill or feeding your kids, and 2.) it seems that those people with millions in the bank are having a whole lot less trouble acquiring a coronavirus test to determine if they’ve been infected than your average Joe American is up against right now.

I mean, Trump is a greedy piece of garbage if he’s anything and the people that frequent his digs don’t have much of anything to worry about anyway.

But now it seems that even Donald has finally been held to the same quarantine restrictions as the rest of us, as Lipton reports that Mar-a-Lago is “CLOSED.” Sort of, anyway.

However, interestingly enough, an NYT piece by the same reporter has revealed that Trump’s nearby Doral resort, the one that was busted for unclean conditions not all that long ago, still has it’s big, dirty family pool open to the public.

“Not far away, at the golf resort in Doral, another of Mr. Trump’s highest-profile properties, the company was still accepting new reservations on Friday, though it had shut down its courses and restaurants. Still, according to a hotel employee, the family pool remained open,” the report reads.

Don’t think for a moment that Trump is trying to keep people safe or healthy. The man is doing the minimum that he can legally get away with and not an inch more.

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