Trump’s Approval Ratings Appear To Show He’s Losing Against Democrats In Key Battleground States He Won In 2016

Maybe he should have represented all of us instead of just his crazy-time supporters.

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Donald Trump is going to have to do something he’s never done before in his entire life if he wants to be reelected: Work hard. Trump’s approval rating isn’t looking very good in several key battleground states that he would need to win in order to keep squatting in the White House for another four years. Swing state voters are reportedly already dismayed with this “president” and a new poll released by Civiqs confirms that.

Trump’s approval rating in eight states that he won in 2016 should have the “president” in panic mode. Michigan comes in at (-10), Pennsylvania (-6), Wisconsin (-6), Arizona (-6), Florida (-4), Georgia (-4), Iowa (-3) and at North Carolina (-1).


Even a recent Fox News poll backs up that Trump is in deep shit against Democratic candidates. And sure, their media network sucks, but their polling has always been decent.

Trump barely won Wisconsin and the newly impeached “president” will need to carry that state to win. Trump is the least popular “president” in the history of polling and with his jaw-dropping decision to direct an airstrike to assassinate Iran’s top military leader, some swing-state voters were left wondering what the fuck is going on.

Trump’s toxic tweets won’t help him win moderates back over to his camp. Trump’s big-money donors who helped fund his 2016 campaign are abandoning him and are now forking over their donations to Democratic candidates instead.

Of course, Trump calls any unfavorable poll numbers fake news, as if we’re supposed to believe a man who has a lengthy history of lying. At some point, the fever will break with Trump supporters and my prediction is that one day in the near future, his base will deny ever supporting this “president” and they will burn their MAGA hats in shame. We’ve seen this happen before, but only Roger Stone was dumb enough to permanently tattoo an image of Richard Nixon’s face on his back.

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