Trump Wrongly Credits Himself For “Leading The World Now In Economy,” Even Though US Has Been Largest Economy In The World For 100 Years

No. You don't get credit for that Donnie.

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If you were to ever ask Donald Trump what exactly it is that he’s done for this country, his answer would likely come in the form of an all-encompassing, end-all-be-all “EVERYTHING!”

I can certainly guarantee you that he wouldn’t answer with the truth — like the fact that he’s brought us back to 1950s racism and sexism, caged innocent children and ripped apart migrant families, or attempted to sell us all to the highest black market foreign bidder in exchange for a rigged election and some political dirt.

He made as much clear today as he spoke with reporters outside of the White House and peddled the false claim that the United States economy has rocketed to the top in the world and it’s all thanks to him.


After bragging that he forced a plethora of other countries to essentially cough up their debt to the US, Donald went on to tout the lie of leading the world’s economies under his reign of terror.

“We are leading the world now in the economy,” Donald declared as he stood under his umbrella and spoke with the press. “We have been almost since I became president.”

“We’re substantially ahead of anybody else, nobody’s even close,” he continued. “You know that very well.”

But here’s the thing, folks — while the United States certainly is the leading, largest economy in the world, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Donald Trump.

In fact, America’s economy has been leading the pack since before Donnie was even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye.

Despite recessions and shutdown and egomaniacal presidents with an obsession for Russia and rigged elections, the United States has been top of the list since the 1920s — meaning Donald Trump doesn’t get any credit for that. Whatsoever. In any conceivable way.

But then again, why are we surprised? If you ask him, he quite literally hung the moon.

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