Trump Will Be Shocked As Veterans From Both Side Of The Aisle Come Together To Limit His War Powers

Trump is gonna explode when he hears this!

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If there’s one person who should have never been given any type of war powers, it’s Donald Trump. Every day, the president is a liability to the world as his unstable temperament and disintegrating mental health poses a threat to the country and the rest of the world. Now, veterans around the country are coming together to try and limit the president’s war powers to avoid him f*cking anything else up.

Recently, VoteVets and Concerned Veterans for America joined forces to push for changes to end forever wars and put a limit on the president’s unilateral war powers. The interesting thing about this — and the thing that will drive Trump crazy — is that it’s a joint effort between liberal vets AND conservative ones! According to the New York Times:

Will Fischer, then the director of government relations for VoteVets, the liberal political action committee, was tapped to face off with Dan Caldwell, the executive director of the conservative Concerned Veterans for America. It was a continuation of a yearslong and contentious dialogue over veterans issues, including disputes over health care, which candidates care more about matters important to veterans, as well as their dueling views on the nefarious nature of the Republican or Democratic parties.

But then the two found an unanticipated policy bridge, and have now gone on to work together to persuade Congress to finally revoke authorizations of military force passed after Sept. 11, 2001, which both believe have been bent and stretched to justify wars far beyond Congress’s intentions nearly two decades ago.”

It’s finally become apparent that if we want to stop Trump and save this country, we need to work together. This is sending a powerful message to Trump that almost NO ONE supports him — not even the party that helped him get into the White House.


More and more, Trump is being opposed by Republicans and it’s been driving the president mad. These two veterans group may not have much else in common, but at least when it comes to Trump they can agree that he needs to be checked far more than he has been — especially when it comes to war.

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