Trump Whisked Away During His Press Briefing After Secret Service Delivered Him A Message; Shooting Outside The Premises Confirmed

Well, that was a bit of excitement.

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As Donald Trump was holding one of his now-daily press briefings at the White House to talk about any number of things that strike his fancy, the event suffered an abrupt end as the Secret Service whisked him away following the delivery of some urgent message.

After Trump had just warmed up to really start gaslighting America and the press in attendance about “mail-in voting” — the preferred term for the bad version of its identical counterpart, absentee voting — an agent approached the president and told him something quietly, after which Trump was rushed off the stage and down the corridor he entered through.


Shortly after, multiple reporters began wondering what was going on, finally posting some video from inside the briefing room and saying that they were now on lockdown at the White House for some reason.

Then reports from outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue started coming in, and it looked like there had been some kind of shots fired near the White House:

After all of that, Trump seemed to confirm that there was indeed a shooting near the premises, but apparently not enough of a danger to keep him from coming back and finishing his presser, at which he immediately started right back in on how well the stock market is doing.

One intrepid reporter was brave enough to ask if Trump had been taken to “the bunker”:

This is a developing story, so we will update as necessary, if necessary.

Featured image via screen capture

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