Trump Was Reportedly Late For Briefing Due To $10 Million Fundraiser At His Hotel

Absolutely pathetic.

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President Donald Trump was due at a FEMA briefing on Hurricane Laura at the agency’s headquarters just weeks ago but was delayed by at least a quarter of an hour due to his previous engagement: A multimillion-dollar fundraiser he was holding at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

That’s according to NowThis Politics, who streamed video of the briefing from their Facebook page after noting that Trump took his time showing up.

The Trump International Hotel has been the source of nearly endless speculation and even lawsuits regarding the president’s business interests and whether or not he’s been in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. It also used to be the site, ironically, of the headquarters of the United States Postal Service, the agency with which Trump is currently at war in a battle for his own reelection.


The media outlet also ran video of the president’s briefing from their Twitter page, and it’s clear from the outset that Trump is still obviously thinking about all his rich pals back at the hotel — because his face betrays a man who would rather be doing literally anything else at all in the universe other than what he’s doing in that video:

We at Political Tribune were relieved to see Vice President Mike Pence sitting to the left of Trump; the last time Pence sat to Trump’s right at a FEMA briefing, it turned into a comedy in which Pence acted as the president’s “mini-me,” copying his movements and nodding almost constantly.

Thankfully, nothing quite so mortifying happened at that day’s briefing. But between the lateness of his arrival and his utter disinterest in what’s being said, it’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump really gives much of a shit about the Americans whose lives have been unmade by Hurricane Laura.

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