Trump Was Asked During Interview To Send A Message To Catholic Viewers: “If I Wasn’t Here, You Wouldn’t Have A Second Amendment”

What a hot mess.

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During an interview that aired on the Catholic television station EWTN on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump was asked to give a message to Catholic viewers. Somehow, though, the president started rambling on about the Second Amendment. Tracy Sabol, an anchor with the network, asked Trump if he had one message for Catholic voters. Trump’s dialogue focused on gun rights, and he touched on his somewhat new pro-life stance. In 1999, Trump declared himself to be “very pro-choice.”

“Well, I think anybody having to do with, frankly, religion, but certainly the Catholic Church, you have to be with President Trump when it comes to pro-life when it comes to all of the things, these people are going to take all of your rights away, including Second Amendment,” Trump said, “because, you know, Catholics like their Second Amendment. So I saved the Second Amendment.”

“If I wasn’t here, you wouldn’t have a Second Amendment,” Trump said for some reason. “And pro-life is your big thing, and you won’t be on that side of the issue, I guarantee, if the radical left, because they’re going to take over, they’re going to push [Joe Biden] around like he was nothing.”


Trump then falsely and dangerously claimed again that children are “virtually” immune to the coronavirus.

“First of all, children are unbelievably strong, right? Their immune system,” Trump went on to say. “So children just are, I guess I heard one doctor say, virtually they’re immune from it. They have a strong, they have a very strong something, and they are not affected.”

“And we have to open our schools,” Trump added. “And they’re also finding it’s wonderful to use computers, but it’s not a great way of learning.”

What a hot mess:

You can watch the entire crazy-time interview below:

Trump also falsely claimed that Democrats want to put churches “out of business.” Churches that refused to do online services and opened their doors to parishioners have become COVID-19 hot spots. And, of course, Trump did not “save” the Second Amendment. Trump is just using fear tactics to rally up his dwindling base. Last year, Biden called for universal background checks, and that is something most gun owners support. Trump is not a spiritual man — he only plays one on TV.

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