Trump Was Asked A Question About Prayer And His Relationship To God, POTUS’ Answer Should Make Christians Angry

What an a--hole.

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On the same day Donald Trump bashed Fox News on Twitter, he was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show. Trump is the right-wing evangelicals’ new God, apparently. Trump is trying to clear up his image with his base after pretty much allowing over one hundred and thirty thousand Americans to die from the COVID-19 global pandemic that he failed to act promptly upon.

Trump, who raw-dogged a porn star just after his wife gave birth to their son, has somehow convinced his God-fearing base that he’s a spiritual man, so of course, he called in to Judge Drunky McDrunkerson’s show. When asked about his relationship with God, Trump bragged that “we will rebuild it again” in reference to the economy that was destroyed under his watch.

“What is your prayer, and what is your message of faith to Americans?” the morally bankrupt host asked the morally bankrupt president.



Trump is more concerned about the economy, while the national crisis needs to be addressed as Americans are shuttered in their homes to flatten the coronavirus curve. Trump has no relationship with God. The failed former vodka salesman thinks he is the Chosen One, after all. A message of faith would have been well received by the “leader” of our country during these terribly dark times. Instead, though, Trump is in panic-mode over his chances of being reelected. He was incapable of even giving a shoutout to God during the holy week.

Former President Barack Obama did, though, and offered us hope for a better day while we are quarantined. “From my family to yours, we wish you all a blessed and joyful Easter,” Obama tweeted.

Meanwhile, Trump is whining on Twitter.

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