Trump Tweets Quote Claiming Serial Killers Are Treated Better Than He Is

Considering he pretty much IS a serial killer, I don't really get his point.

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In case you somehow hadn’t caught on yet — Donald Trump is really butthurt over the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her team of fellow, equally fed up House Democrats are working tooth and nail, night and day to have his ass impeached. Finally.

It doesn’t matter to him that he actually did do the things that he’s about to be impeached for. It doesn’t even matter to him that the transcript of the Ukraine call that HE released proved that he did exactly what he’s about to be impeached for. He just cares that those dirty Dems are being really mean to him.

He just really, really doesn’t like it when people are mean to him, okay?


And his Twitter account has shown just how big mad he is since the very moment that Madame Speaker opened her mouth on live television just a few weeks ago. Oh, dear God, has his Twitter account shown it.

The whiny nonsense and pathetic cries of “WITCH HUNT!” began rolling in before Pelosi even had a chance to make her way off the stage. And quite frankly, the tweets, along with the already questionable state of Donald’s mental health, have gone progressively downhill since.

The tweets have gotten that much more insane with each passing day (as he knows each sunrise is ebbing closer and closer to what will likely be his ultimate demise) and his public appearances have gotten so embarrassing that media outlets are refusing to even air clips as they feel like it would be disrespectful to Trump’s family to publicize his mental breakdowns.

It’s really beginning to seem as though things couldn’t get a whole lot worse.

But then… They always do.

This evening Trump’s manic fit combined forces with his overwhelming ego which then teamed up with his ridiculous level of narcissism and they all made a tweet baby.

In what will likely go down as one of the most pathetic posts Donald has even delivered upon the world, Trump took to his account tonight to tweet out a quote from Mark Levin, radio show and Fox News host, claiming that serial killers are treated better than he is.

“Serial killers get more Due Process than the Democrats give to the President of the United States,” Trump’s unhinged tweet read followed by a tag at Levin.

Dude, the blood of THOUSANDS of Kurds is currently on your hands. You ARE a fucking serial killer.

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