Trump Tried To Have A “Gotcha” Moment At The Expense Of Governor Cuomo Regarding Ventilators, But Failed Miserably

Yea. No.

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Since this whole coronavirus ordeal has become a thing, Donald Trump has been hopping on the stage of the White House press briefing room on a daily basis, offering the American public a new and ever-increasingly disgusting word about the virus currently sweeping the nation that’s actually absolutely nothing like the seasonal flu, no matter how hard Donald had hoped it was.

Frankly, each and every presser just got worse and worse, to the point that some of those up there on the stage with him, namely Dr. Fauci who’s pretty much the only one involved in that mess with any sense left, simply cannot hide his frustration with the ordeal from the American public any longer — i.e. the very visible facepalm during a time where no one is supposed to be touching their face, especially not the doctor.

Now it seems that Trump doesn’t want to endure the humiliation of yet another public display of exasperation against him, so today he opted for a one-on-one town hall with his safe space Fox News in lieu of his daily press briefing, almost assuredly thinking he’d be able to get away with more that way.


But just because you opted out of a frustrated Dr. Fauci behind you doesn’t mean you’re safe from the ire of the rest of us out here who had the displeasure of watching that mess.

As we all know, Trump has had a bit of trouble getting along with New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, after the local leader continually called him out on his lack of legitimate response to the pandemic — namely, New York’s underwhelming supply of ventilators to deal with the overwhelming virus.

During Trump’s safe town hall this afternoon, the president attempted to dunk on the New York governor when he lobbed an attack against Cuomo for allegedly not purchasing ventilators… In 2015.

However, this little “own” is coming from a dude who’s been reluctant to invoke the Defense Production Act and allow for emergency production of life-saving equipment because he didn’t want to piss off his corporation buddies.

To say the least, folks weren’t impressed with his oppo research:

Nice try, Trump.

You can watch the clip here:

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