Trump Tries To Downplay Getting Booed At UFC Fight, Says It Was Like “Walking Into A Trump Rally”

Is he HIGH?

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Within one week of being booed by thousands of baseball fans at Game 5 of the World Series, Donald Trump was met with boos and jeers at a public event, so it would take a special kind of moron to see that as a positive thing. Trump was publicly shamed again on Saturday night as he walked into the Ultimate Fighting Championship at Madison Square Garden to watch the UFC welterweight fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, only to be met with boos, and a resounding “fuck you” from the event’s attendees.

Now, these are predominately white male crowds so that should send a jolt through Donald Trump’s liddle brain, but he’s gaslighting the American public yet again by tweeting that is was just like “walking into a Trump rally.”


Like father, like son:

And the dumbest son:

Nevertheless, he persisted:

I do not hear the “USA! USA! USA!” chants:

Trump was mercilessly booed last night by his own base’s demographics. There is no way someone would see that as a positive thing for this “president” unless they’re part of the cult that will lick his boots even if they’re covered in shit. At this point, attendees of a NASCAR event might even be tempted to boo the corrupt “president.”

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